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Nguyen Hoang Quan


I tend to have a solution for every issue that arises by myself. I've always had a great sense of optimism. I've thus always believed that everything will be well if I provide a positive response to my inquiries. I used to overcome setbacks with the attitude that "it's alright," I eventually became stuck and extremely confused.


I always believed that I could understand my problem the best, so I completely broke down, questioning whether I was right and, what's worse, it made me afraid to make any more decisions.


Thank Me&We for being there for me when I needed you the most. You not only helped me view the issue more clearly and flexibly, but you also gave me the confidence to return my wiser choices. Stil “no one understands my problem better than me”, you have elevated me to a new level, enabling me to comprehend it in more depth and from various angles. Most significantly, you have enabled me to find the greatest answer for my decision.


Thank you Me&We; you’ve given me a lot of fresh opportunities to make the things I desire on my own. Be with me always!

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