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Overcome limiting beliefs


Surely you have more or less heard somewhere people say a sentence is: "Human potential is limitless". How much do you believe that? Have you ever seen someone say, "Step out of your comfort zone to succeed", do you want to do that?

Sometimes we create a mental barrier to prevent ourselves from pursuing our dreams, because we always carry fear and anxiety within us. What if I fail? What if things go wrong? What if I lose friends along the way? And what if I become lonely? Those negative thoughts limit and set you back in ways you can't even imagine.

Who would you be if you didn't have those fears, where would you be if you knew how to get over yourself, step out of your comfort zone?

ME&WE understands the difficulties you are going through, since then we - with the mission of becoming "guides" holding lights to accompany you in life, have created solid steps to help you achieve your goals. You will be able to break through barriers and break your limits. You will experience inner peace and be able to move freely towards your goals.

Part 1: Learn personal history (1-2 hours)
Part 2: Identify limiting beliefs, negative thoughts: fears, worries and how they affect your life (2-3 hours)
Part 3: Choose a goal you want to work towards and identify barriers (1-2 hours)
Part 4: Removing barriers: negative emotions, fear, anxiety (2-3 hours)
Part 5: Removing barriers: limiting beliefs, building new strength beliefs (2-3 hours)

***Depending on the number of hurdles, the package may last longer than expected

This coaching package is for you if…
• You feel like you always have goals that you just can't seem to achieve 
• You have a dream but don't dare to fulfill it
• You always feel constrained and confined in life as well as work
• You feel like you can do more, but something is holding you back.
• You always want to overcome yourself but don't know how
What can ME&WE offer you in overcoming your fear?


Personal history contains all the information about you, sometimes you think you no longer remember or are attached to something on the conscious level, but your unconscious reality is still affected by it. These are the exact “records” of what happened to you

Learning your personal history will help you:
- Identify the problem, the problem that you are facing
- Find out their effects on your life from the past to the present
- Identify when you started having that problem
- Find out the source of your problem
- Determine the reason from the subconscious level

You will be able to identify exactly where the root of your problem lies, and why it started. This section helps you understand subconsciously what has been going on in your head.

Limiting beliefs are beliefs that hold you back from reaching your goals
“I am too young”, “I am not good enough”, “I am very stubborn”, “I am not someone who can change quickly”, ….. you can hear these sayings from people around, there are It could be the voice in your head or you keep thinking about it.
Whether it's a fear or just your ideas about how the world works, the ideas available will shape how you behave and how you interpret what happens. These limiting beliefs can hinder you from trying or undermine your efforts and relationships. Limiting beliefs can form as part of anyone's natural development from childhood through adulthood and beyond.
 Identifying limiting beliefs will help you:
- List the limiting beliefs that are present in your life from the subconscious to the conscious level
Explore the influence of these limiting beliefs on decision making and behavior in all aspects of life related to them.
- Raise awareness of limiting beliefs to help you prepare for future solutions
You will have an overall view of what is going on in your head at the subconscious level to the conscious level in terms of beliefs.
Before you can work on your career, relationship, or health goals, you need to have inner awareness to develop a greater understanding of yourself, how you see yourself. and the world.


You may have many goals for the future and choosing the right one is very important. Goals can be about any area of your life for example: career, love, family, friends, personal development etc. The important thing is that you made the right choice? Is that goal for you? Is that what you're really aiming for?

Do you have a goal that you haven't achieved yet? One of the biggest reasons is that there are invisible barriers in you that keep you from getting there.


Choosing the right goal and identifying the barriers will help you:

- Determine the right goal for you

- Learn how to analyze goals for the future

- Learn invisible barriers from the subconscious to the conscious


You will have an overall and clear view of the limits you set for yourself. The invisible things that held you back are now visible to you. This is an important step that can help you identify what is the "door" for you to step out of your comfort zone.


Over the years of experience helping clients get ahead of themselves, ME&WE has found that fear and anxiety are two negative emotions that contribute the most to keeping you around. That feeling keeps hanging around like saying in your ear that "don't do it, it won't work, what if it doesn't work, what will people think, how will you evaluate it, etc.", it makes your courage fly. clean.

Imagine if you were completely free from fear and anxiety, how would you make a decision?


Remove barriers: negative emotions, fear, anxiety will help you

- Completely eliminate negative emotions, fear and anxiety about the goal you are aiming for

- Experience specialized therapy for the removal of negative emotions


You will be able to let go of your negative emotions to comfortably make important decisions with a “cold head”. Decide objectively without being influenced by emotions.



As you know, in addition to negative emotions, limiting beliefs play a big part in preventing you from reaching your goals. Getting rid of them will help you regain the freedom you already have to regain your inner strength


Eliminate limiting beliefs, build new empowering beliefs that will help you:

- Get rid of beliefs that are not conducive to moving towards your goals

- Access to long-term effective ways to remove limiting beliefs

- Build new beliefs that give you strength

- Install new beliefs in the subconscious so that you can reach your goal without obstacles


You will experience a sense of freedom in your mind, feel the power coming from within yourself. You will no longer have any psychological obstacles on your way towards your goals.

Ready for a new start waiting for you
outside the bounds?

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