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​Yang Yijia

Tây An, Trung Quốc

I am very dreamy and sometimes feel so very ungrounded. When first approached my young coach, I have to confess that I immediately doubted her ability because I thought she lacked life experience. Only after the coach helped me face, reflect, and solve the biggest problem that haunted me during my 3 years of college in less than two hours of meeting, did I realize that my thinking was just a false prejudice. 

My coach is young but extremely mature, calm, and always takes practical steps in all situations. While stuck in the lockdowns in Shanghai, I felt hopeless, crying a lot because I felt numb and frozen by what was happening. Fortunately, coaching helps me untangle my very negative emotions, see situations differently, and allocate my energy as efficiently as possible.

I used to feel extremely worried and insecure about the future, but coaching made me regain my composure even in the eyes of the storm. Although coaching is primarily about finding answers in me, I believe that the energy of coaches is very important. Peaceful, strong, and wonderful. I learned a lot from you.


Thank you and wish the Team helps more people shine their light brightly.

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