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​Nguyen Mai Thanh

Thien An Construction Co., Hanoi

With the scars of the past made my life not living but existing. Confused, disoriented, I came to ME&WE through an introduction. I remember very well the first conversation that I received in return was acceptance, for me that went beyond understanding and tolerance.

She took the time to help me talk about the things I had buried deep in my heart, help me face it, and guide me through it. In life when circumstances make me stuck, I find her again. And instead of staring at the deadlock, she turned me into another vision.

She did not make this decision or that decision. She helps me balance my current emotions, shows me different perspectives of the problem and encourages me to make decisions on my own. And of course I have gradually gained confidence in myself. And I'm grateful to you. I hope not only me, but many more people will receive your help.

Thank you very much.

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