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​Tran H.

​BHV, Ha Noi

I used to think that with what I've been through, the next path in life will be no barrier. However, lately, I find myself stuck in every problem. Going to see a psychologist, they concluded that I had met "Tim Disease". I had to take medication according to the psychiatrist's prescription but couldn't tolerate the drug right away.

And then, I found out about ME&WE COACHING. Coaching sessions have helped me understand that life is always changing, people around me also change over time and I am no exception. The coach helps me see through a problem I am having to solve with more multi-dimensional, empathetic perspectives and put myself in other people's shoes. The coach suggested that I deal with my problems on my own, and no one did better than me for that.

Thank you ME&WE and her coach for giving me such beautiful energy in this life. Meeting the people ME&WE has helped, I feel proud to have a companion in life that is you.


Hope Team keeps the fire and passion in them to help many people regain their faith and passion in this life.

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