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 At ME&WE, we believe extraordinary times call for extraordinary stories. We use the power of questions and personal awareness to create uniquely meaningful, memorable, and strategic changes in our customers' lives, putting everyone at the center of the personal experience to drive behavioral changes and deliver real impacts.

You may think it's a bold statement, but with 10 years of professional companionship and the difference in the quality of life of our clients before and after coming to us, ME&WE is truly the effective solution to your problem. As your coach, we use professional tools and effective frameworks to assist clients during your journey, bringing the most coherent answers into the light of your consciousness.

Founded in 2012, ME & WE is a team of professional coaches with the same goal of accompanying and supporting people to face obstacles and make their dreams come true. We have experience in helping clients learn and push past their limits, solve relationship problems, past traumas, or deal with negative emotions and fears.

What our clients say?

I flew around the world, invited all experts from West to East, Europe to Asia, investing countless amounts of money and effort. Thanks to my perseverance and determination to pursue until the end, I finally found the right person here. I'm beyond happy because I was even able to record a session video to preserve the memory of the day when I was coached to solve a problem that had caused me to struggle miserably for the past ten years.

Đặng Kim Phượng

International Peace Ambassador of the Global Peace & Prosperity Initiative - Awarded international public speaker - Serial Entrepreneur - Certified Trainer, Coach & Hypnotherapist - Mentor - Healer


“It's not what you look at what matters, it's what you see”

Henry David Thoreau

12-14B, Lane 6, Van Phuc,  Ba Dinh, Hanoi

B19.05, Goldview, 346 Ben Van Don, District 4,  

Ho Chi Minh City

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