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Core transformation coaching program: $10,000

Typically 3-6 months

This program is suitable for those who want to completely remove the barriers, limitations, negative emotions that separate you and the strongest version of yourself.


Short-term individual program (1 - 3 issues): $500-$1,500

Typically 1-3 months

​Suitable for anyone who is looking to solve/transform some specific problems in current life.


Build a personal resource map: $2,000

Typically 3-4 months

Suitable for those who are looking to find themselves and understand their own resources.

"Getting acquainted" - determining the core value of an individual in life: $500

Duration of 1-2 weeks

When you realize and properly use this resource, you will never lack motivation in life.

​Nicole coaching quote: to be advised

ME&WE works with most clients for a period of 1 week to 1 year. Among them, there are some customers we have the honor to receive a commitment to work for a longer period of 3-4 years to reach further goals in life. 

​All coaching sessions are encouraged to be conducted in person to optimize your transformation experience, however ME&WE offers the option of online coaching with the right fit.

At ME&WE, we have documented guarantee to solve your problems, the pace is fast or slow depending greatly on your desire and level of commitment. All compensations are paid prior to the first session.​ Coaching sessions typically last 2 hours and space 1-2 weeks apart.


If you are not ready to face yourself and see reality clearly, in order to completely transform that reality forever, please consider before signing up for our services.

Since 2012, ME&WE was born to help people. That's what we do. ME&WE was created to help anyone achieve the dreams and desires they have deep within, empowering them to push themselves beyond their boundaries. Coaching, especially by definition ME&WE stands for, tends to be highly solution-focused, promoting the development of new strategies for thinking and acting, as opposed to focusing on problems and past conflicts.

Working directly with so many influencers is a huge honor for ME&WE. We addressed people between the ages of 19 and 46, single or married. ME&WE works with business owners, bankers, millionaires, fashion designers, trainers, professional athletes, top pop stars, actors, active freelancers, parents, and creative college students.

We can help you see clearly and act with a clear mind. ME&WE has many techniques and tools to get you there, however, the most important part of our program come from your own sharing. Examples of some of the things ME&WE can do:

Accepting Change, Adaptability Issues, Anger Management, Career Development, Change of Position, Commitment Issues, Communicating Emotions, Communication Issues, Company/Business or Personal Positioning, Conflicts and Conflict Resolution, Cultural Differences, Decision making, Emotional Intelligence, Feeling Left Out or Left Behind, Gender Communication, Generation Communication, Job Selection, Language Precision, Leadership Competencies, Learning Issues, Life Purpose, Modeling for Excellence, Motivation (Self and Others), Negotiation Skills, Nervousness, Past Trauma, Phobia, Performance Enhancement and Other Issues, Personal Organization, Presentation Skills, Process Coaching, Procrastination, Project Planning, Relationship Issues, Role Issues, Self-Esteem Issues, Self-Reflection Skills, Self-Connection Skills, Social Skills, Stage Fright or Negative Emotions, Stress Management, Test Anxiety, Time Management, Work-Life Balance, etc.

ME&WE services are not designed just to make you feel “better”. Changing lives is our goal. With ME&WE, you don't get a roadmap, nor any prepared scripts. Our map is in your own sharing and experience.

If you are interested in working with us, please email at: 

(ME&WE only receive serious and appropriate requests.)

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