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​Pham Bao

​RMIT University Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City

When I graduated from high school and entered college, I dreamed of the rose-lined roads or the success that awaits in the next chapter of my life. However, after that, there were many incidents that made me realize that things were not as easy as I thought. I felt like I was stuck with thoughts of various difficulties in school or relationships, and every day of my life passed in vain.


Fortunately, I happened to know Me&We and participated in coaching, after the coaching sessions I realized my core values, from which I gradually understood myself better and came up with many goals and directions. to the finer things in life. Thank you Me&We for being there during my most difficult time and helping me better understand the problems inherent in myself as well as realize my own life purpose. Sincere thanks to my sister in particular and Me&We in general for helping me grow up and become stronger! The road ahead will be long but I will always be confident after what I have received!

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