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​Pham Ngoc Tram Anh

Boston, USA​

In the process of growing up, I made many blunders in relationships, which made me constantly tormented and could not forgive myself or those who had harmed me. Normally, I would opt to let time heal my wounds, but when I meet new people, the horror of the past resurfaces. I realize and seek coaching from chats with close friends when I feel too needy and unhappy over repeated injuries.


The ME&WE coach has incredible insight and helps me feel comfortable sharing my most private thoughts. I'm afraid of being evaluated or suddenly hearing arbitrary feedback, yet the ME&WE coach never provides me advice or reviews my work unless I specifically request it. ME&WE respects me and helps me discover the solutions on my own.


ME&WE helps me manage my emotions, recognize the basis of the problem as well as my unconscious behavioral habits more clearly, and allow me to create boundaries to protect myself. ME&WE also offered several extremely detailed recommendations for healing practice and changing poor habits and preconceived notions.


Now, I'm so much more confident with who I've become.

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