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Build a personal resource map

Master yourself in 2023

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This specialized personal training course is for you if...

  • You want to learn and possess insight inside and out of yourself.

  • You are confused looking for answers to the questions "Who am I?", "What is the purpose of my life?", "What is my life's mission?", ... .

  • You feel bored and uninterested in your work every day, but you hesitate to leave because you are uncertain about your future steps.

  • You feel that life has become meaningless, no longer motivated to work as before or you feel that the things that used to make you happy suddenly no longer bring it to you.

  • You want to have at hand one of the necessary and effective tools that can help you confidently navigate your future life.


More specifically in 2023, the Coaching package "Building a personal resource map" has a policy of giving a Bonus service package:Eliminate one limiting belief or one negative emotion for the client's particular situation.

Start your journey to mastering your life today

Imagine each of us is a separate country, each country has a different resource output and is distributed according to certain locations. There are resources that are clearly exposed, along with those that are hidden deep inside and can not always be found or touched. If you can clearly grasp your own resources, you can plan to "exploit" and "use" the most effectively and thoroughly.


With more than 10 years of experience in accompanying ME&WE customers, Team has built a journey to help you fully set up a "Resource Map" for yourself. This journey will go deep and evoke from your subconscious, you will be surprised by the huge amount of potential you have, even the things you possess but maybe you do not know.

You will receive back all the values and support benefits below:

​Imagine a life when you know yourself well

Part 1: Understanding core values

Values are what you think and/or believe are most important to you. Values highlight what stands for you. These are the things that help guide the way you live, work, make decisions, and govern most of your behavior.

When your personal core values are respected and consistently implemented, you will experience fulfillment. When you don't, you will likely feel that your life is always lacking and seems incomplete.

Most of us are not aware of what our core values are, instead, we focus on the values that society, family, friends or the media value.

Learning your core values will help you:

-   Make a list of the core values that are most important to you on the subconscious level.

-   Find out what governs all of your important decisions from subconscious to conscious.

-   Find out what core values are missing and needed to help you achieve your goals

-   Be aware of where your motivation comes from, why

-   Reposition values based on importance or add necessary values to your value ladder to help you move towards your goal more easily

You will have a tremendous self-awareness after the coaching session. This will make it possible to change your behavior in a profound and positive way.


Part 2: Find out your strengths & weaknesses & personal history

Strengths are defined as personality traits or skills that are considered positive. Strengths include ​​ knowledge, skills and talents. Weaknesses are simply the opposite of strengths.

Someone asks you, “What are your strengths and weaknesses?”, this is a very basic question in most job interviews, when you are being assessed as a good fit for a job. some location. Most of you have prepared the answer so that it really matches the position you are looking for. However, the purpose of this coaching session is not to help you answer an interview of a recruiter or a certain partner, but to accompany you to answer that question for yourself. Knowing what you excel at and what you struggle with is important information for making decisions. You can choose what to focus on, what to avoid, what to prioritize, when to decline, and when to accept an opportunity.

Most people can come up with a lot of their weaknesses but don't have the confidence to come up with their strengths. This makes your subconscious as well as your conscious not use the potential effectively.


Learning your strengths, weaknesses, personal history will help you:

-   Learn how to list and elicit strengths and weaknesses from within

-   Assessment skills for each of your strengths and weaknesses

-   Learn to turn weaknesses into strengths in each specific case

-   Helps you make better choices

-   Learning about personal history helps you to understand deep inside your mind, find out the problems you are facing in life related to the influence of strengths, weaknesses that you will know in the coaching session.


Understanding your strengths, weaknesses, and how they affect your life will help you have a clear perception and be helpful in making important decisions in the future.


Part 3: Identifying limiting beliefs


Limiting beliefs are beliefs that hold you back from reaching your goals

“I am too young”, “I am not good enough”, “I am very stubborn”, “I am not someone who can change quickly”, ….. you can hear these sayings from people around, there are It could be the voice in your head or you keep thinking about it.


Whether it's a fear or just your ideas about how the world works, the ideas available will shape how you behave and how you interpret what happens. These limiting beliefs can hinder you from trying or undermine your efforts and relationships


Limiting beliefs can form as part of anyone's natural development from childhood through adulthood and beyond.


 Defining limiting beliefs will help you:

-   List the limiting beliefs that are present in your life from the subconscious to the conscious level

-   Learn how limiting beliefs affect decision making and behavior in all aspects of life related to them.

-   Raise awareness of limiting beliefs to help you prepare for future solutions

You will have an overall view of what is happening in your head on the subconscious level to the conscious level in terms of beliefs. This is a step further and deeper into understanding yourself once you know what your core values are.


Part 4: Building a personal relationship map - Determining goals, future orientation


Like a wifi network, or a satellite phone network with dense waves that the naked eye cannot see, but it helps us keep in touch with each other anytime, anywhere. In career as well as in life, relationships are the real "network" that smart people use to get things done faster and more efficiently. one of your most valuable assets.


The challenge for most people today is not too little connection, but too much connection. Is your network really as effective as you want it to be? Too often people fail to evaluate and think strategically about the types of relationships they are building so that they can clearly perceive, build, and manage the high-value relationships that drive them. promote their success personally and professionally.


Building a personal network of contacts - Defining goals, future orientation will help you:

-   Set up your own personal communication network

-   Ability to evaluate relationships

-   Skills to organize relationships by fields systematically

-   Reassess established resources and thereby determine your goals and direction for the future

-     Developing and implementing the "Personal Communication Network" system to serve needs in phases

-   Make a plan for establishing new relationships within 3-6 months towards the goal you just created


You will have an existing Network of all your relationships systematically and clearly evaluated. You will have enough information and resources to set goals near and far in the future as well as orient yourself more clearly.


Part 5 - Bonus:ME&WE will help you get rid of a limiting belief or negative emotion that you are having for a particular event you are experiencing.


After going through the above 4-part process, you will have a clearer perception of yourself. You may have experiences of recognizing limiting beliefs or negative emotions that are holding you back from reaching your goals. Understanding that, ME&WE Team offers the Bonus package as a gift to congratulate you on going through a short journey in time but a long step on the path of understanding and self-development.

You can choose to completely eliminate one of the limiting beliefs found in Part 3, or choose to eliminate a negative emotion that does not benefit you (e.g., anger, sadness, fear, etc.). fear, hurt, guilt).

"Life will always respond to those who make the best use of the resources available."
John Wooden

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